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Patients should empty their bladder and bowels before colposcopy for comfort. Patients who are pregnant or allergic to aspirin or ibuprofen can instead take.
You may want to take a pain reliever 30 to 60 minutes before the test. This can help reduce any cramping pain from a biopsy. Ibuprofen (Advil or Motrin) is a.
Listen to me: get someone to drive you to the appointment, and take two (I took ibuprofen and that was plenty.) Of course, in my case, it won't, because a year before I had the pap smear that led to this colposcopy, I had another, but (If I'm really lucky, I can add one for possible fibroids and another one.


Hysterectomy Problems #25 "3-wks since an Emergency Surgery" for a repair of a 10-wk Hysterectomy.

Your reaction ibbuprofen the colpo sounds a lot like my reaction to getting an IUD paraguard. Complications associated with colposcopy ibuprfoen extremely rare. Good luck on the procedure. A little bit of knowledge goes a long way to alleviating those fears. I've had liquid nitrogen treatments before, and just the thought of that plus my cervix freaked me out. It left me sore for a couple of days, a bit crampy, and sitting down was unpleasant, but it wasn't agony.

I drove myself to and from the clinic, and I dearly wish I would have had someone with me at the time. Post A New Discussion. As long as you are with. I could NEVER watch my insides. I refused the pregnancy test as I hadn't had sex in over a year. Before I watched colposcopj video it made me nervous, but I was like its ok it will be fine. Good news is, it's never hurt as much as it did ibuorofen first time.

Complications associated with colposcopy are extremely rare. Any use of can i take ibuprofen before a colposcopy site constitutes your agreement to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy linked below. It should not be excessive or have an unpleasant smell. Another procedure, called a loop electrosurgical excision LEEPuses low-voltage, high-frequency radio waves to excise tissue. The colposcopy may be used to keep track of HPV, and to look for abnormal changes that can come back after treatment.

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